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C72 Android Device Plus Mobile Label Printer

Chainway C72 is an Android rugged mobile computer. It features 8000mAh powerful battery, barcode scanning, as well as high-level UHF RFID capability. It can be equipped with R2000 linearly (1.8dBi) or circularly (4.0dBi) polarized antenna. That it can read tags in bulk from long distances enables enterprises to deploy this single device in many areas with enhanced efficiency, especially in asset management, retail, warehousing, fleet management, etc.


This mobile label printer prints thermal labels up to 3 inches wide and can connect to a tablet or smart phone using Bluetooth. It is compatible with Skustack WMS and other Android and iOS applications.

1. Support one dimensional code, QR code, image, curves printing:
one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code
2. Water proof, dust proof IP54
3. Resists a 2.0 concrete fall 
4. CCC, CE, FCC certificate
5. Fast charging, finishes charging in 3 hours. Supports dual charging (adaptor for fast charging, USB for slow charging while ready to print)
6. Compatiable for black mark paper, gap label, sucessive paper, non-bottom paper, seam paper
7. Printing width: 72mm
8. Support paper type: black mark paper, label paper, successive paper 
9. Paper roll diameter: 50mm (Max)
10. Print speed:90mm/s (Max)
11. Resolution:203dpi
12. MCBF:50KM (label paper)
13. Battery capacity:7.4V 2700mAh li-ion battery
14. Storage:FLASH:4MB  RAM:8MB
15. Unterface:Micro USB, Bluetooth, WIFI
16. Dimenssion(W*D*H):140mm*117mm*60mm


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